Philip Guo (Phil Guo, Philip J. Guo, Philip Jia Guo, pgbovine)


I have been taking photographs as a hobby since 1997 and displaying them on my personal website since 2000. I stopped updating this section in 2012 when I finished grad school, so this is mostly here just for nostalgia!

My older photos (1997-2000) were taken with various film SLR cameras (Vivitar 3300SE, Canon Rebel G, Canon A2E) and scanned with a film negative scanner. Almost all photos starting from 2001 were taken with compact point-and-shoot digital cameras (Sony DSC-S30, Canon PowerShot S30, S70, SD870 IS, ELPH 300HS).

I prefer compact point-and-shoot cameras because I think SLRs are too bulky to carry around all the time. My philosophy is that since I'm more likely to carry around a tiny camera rather than a bulky SLR, I have more opportunities to take interesting photos. Also, tiny cameras are less conspicuous, so I don't feel as self-conscious when whipping them out to snap candid photos of people in public.

All photos are displayed using my JSON Photo Gallery project.

1997-2000 Photo Galleries

These photos were taken during high school. I started my photography hobby when I took an introductory photography class in 9th grade (1997). These are my early works where I experimented with different styles of composition and shooting a variety of subjects.

2001-2006 Photo Galleries

These photos were taken during my college years (2001 - 2006). Ever since I started college at MIT, I have had considerably less time to take photos. However, it was relatively easy for me to carry around a compact point-and-shoot digital camera with me wherever I traveled, so I still managed to get a few dozen decent shots over the years.

2006-2012 Photo Galleries

These photographs were taken during my years as a Ph.D. student at Stanford (2006 - 2012). I strived to take photos that look a bit different from the ones that I've uploaded in the past.

Summer Photo Galleries

I usually take vacations in the summer with either family or friends. These are great breaks from my busy year-round school and work schedule. Some of my all-time favorite photos were taken during these summer trips.