Summer 2005 Southwest China Tour
Gardeners in Sun Yat-sen Memorial
Gardening in the City
The Old Man and the Newspaper
The Obligatory Monument Shot
Raft on the Li River
Raft-to-Boat Collision
The Parasitic Raft
The Raft Salesmen
Striking a Deal
Raft Salesman Close-Up (Look at his belt)
The Red Flag over the Li River
The Famous Guilin Green Mounds
Passengers sitting in front of the boat railing
A town of rubble
Beyond the tourist trap
Little girl selling roses to tourists
A Group of Beggar Kids
The smallest rose-selling boy
The tiny boy eyes his next targets
Guilin Overview from Mountaintop
Crazy Huge Cave
Silhouette Cave-scape
Little girl pestering me to buy postcards
Hostess/maid in front of a restaurant
Sit or squat? Decisions, decisions ...
The grand finale of a beautiful dance performance
An artisan/salesman with his goods
Smoking and painting
Crouching Tourist, Hidden ______?
Street Vendor Commerce
Indigenous Minority Girls at a Fuji Film Stand
Grumpy Sewing Minority Girl
Old lady pounces on a tourist
Overview of the Stone Forest
Stones balancing on top of stones
Lady resting at the costume rental shop
Tourist guide with a huge video camera
Jerry, Our Kunming Tour Guide
Crouching Cop
Morning Tai Chi in the Park
Women sewing on the pond's bank
Lotus Leaves and Flowers
Grumpy old lady with lotus leaves
Fondling Balls
Reaching into the lotus field
Really ancient and tall pagoda
The famous three pagodas of Dali
Really large temple at the foot of the mountains
Pagoda and tourist silhouette
Temple view through an open doorway
Incense and pagodas
Mountainside construction behind the temple and pagodas
Twin Turds
Mammoth Butterfly
Three Duckies
Old minority woman trying to rent out costumes
Man with Purses
Assault rifles out in the open
Kid on computer and handgun on table
Close-up view of assault rifles
Joyful Journey of King Long
Clones selling jade at tourist trap
Carving jade in the back of the store
Farmer in endless green field
Smoking farmer
Old lady carrying vegetables
Cute Doggie
Kid bathing in communal stream
Manly Affection
Young men walking arm in arm
Studious little boy
Selling food on the street
Woman Worker
Armless Calligrapher at Work
What a big well!
Old Town Lijiang
Winding sidewalks in Old Town Lijiang
Streams along Old Town Lijiang
Making pancakes on the sidewalk
Wood burner artist
Wood burning man's best friend
Little cute dog in doorway
Lost Little Girl in Old Town Lijiang
Dried Meat Yak
Camouflaged Horse
Cows in the Mist