Summer 2004 Alaska Vacation and Cruise
Scary Signs
Target Practice
Snow Mountains in Mid-Summer
Shaggy Beast
Woman vs. Beast
Reindeer Extreme Close-Up
Fenced-in Reindeer
Reindeer Spitting Grass in Little Kid's Face
More Grass Feeding
Let's Feed It Leaves!
Mmm mmm grass
Dirty Sleeping Piggy
Snow, Mountains, Water, and Plants
More of the Alaska Landscape
Alaska Quasi-Postcard Photograph
The Mandatory Lake Reflection Shot
Some dude's private boat
Glacier Collapse Action
Feeding Birds from the Deck
Bird in Flight
Two Birds in Flight
Our Cruise Ship at Dock
Buttwhackers at Work
Horse Head
Mountie and Kid on the Phone
Houses built on the river
Grey-Eyed Dog
Totem Poles are Fun
Sun-bathing on the cruise ship
Dusk in the Pacific Ocean
Romantic Seats for the Sunset