Summer 2000 Gallery: The People of Central China
Crippled Beggar Boy
Resting Man
Boy Alone on Sidewalk
Old Man Crossing the Street
Young and Old
Old Smoking Man with Bad Teeth
Children walking along a mountainside
Two Laborers on Huashan Mountain
Laborer descending steep mountainside
Boy sticking his hand in our tourbus
Woman sticking her hand in our tourbus
Laborer hauling a heavy load up the mountain
Artist and His Booth
Boy Resting on Mountainside
Old Man Dancing and Singing
Fire and Incense
Another Old Smoking Man
Old Woman Carrying Trash
Night Scene in Xian, China
Night Rainbow in Xian, China
Crouching men huddled together during night time
People atop a wrecked building
People hanging out on the side of the road
Woman sewing at the side of the road
Buff old man at work