Thanksgiving 2001 - New York City
Sunset from the Empire State Building
Downtown New York
Downtown New York Sunset
World Trade Center Ground Zero
World Trade Center Ground Zero in Color
Firehoses spray the ground zero wreckage
People staring at the Ground Zero rubble
The clean-up effort as viewed through a man's video camera screen
People staring at the wreckage
People Staring at Ground Zero Wreckage
Police and military personnel guard Ground Zero
Dedication to the WTC victims
Dedication fence for WTC victims
Dedication fence for WTC victims in black and white
Collective Mourning
People signing their names and blessings on the memorial fence
Street vendor shows patriotism in Chinatown
Upper East Side Manhattan Patriotism
Officer Tightly Guards the Courthouse
A shell-game operator in midtown Manhattan
Another Empire State Building Sunset
Religious Fanatical Man in Times Square
Old man sleeping in subway station, Manhattan
Hey, No Traffic in New York City!!!