Agoura High School (1997-2001)
Agoura High Spanish Club
Homework Action
Backyard Dancing Action
Cross-Country Gangstas
The Cross-Country Homecoming Bunch
Exhausted after the 24-Hour Relay
The 3rd Ever Agoura High Mock Trial Team
Brightly-Colored Beach Gangstas
On the Lookout, Captain!
Kris & Caitlin at Zuma Beach
Gomez & Guo at Zuma Beach
Group Photo at Zuma Beach
Cockrell & Cream
Newton Would Be Impressed
Underwear Modeling
That's a Mighty Big Cockrell
Suburban Bedroom Gangstas
Yet Another Phil/Kevin "In & Out" Run
Waiting for Yummy In & Out Burgers
Iron Maiden - YEAH!!!
Motley Crue - YEAH!!!
Kevin and me wearing matching outfits
Extreme Close-Up in the Classroom
Rachel and Her Computer
I Want You!!!
Nerds at Senior Prom
My Living Room - 1st LAN Party
Hardware Hacker - 1st LAN Party
Neel and Kevin Setting Up - 1st LAN Party
Neil Before the AP Calculus Final
Agoura High Alumni in AP Computer Science
Madness on the Last Day of AP Computer Science
More Craziness in AP Computer Science
Gaming Action in AP Computer Science
Two Girls and a Guy in AP Comp. Sci.
Looking Serious in AP Comp. Sci.
Valerie and Me on the Last Day of High School
The Ladies' Man and Me on the Agoura High Campus
Arm Wrestling Titans
Diving for the Target
The Awesome Threesome at the Senior Picnic
Christina and Brae at the Senior Picnic
The Boys Prepare for Battle - 2nd LAN Party
Kevin preps his computer while Anuj and Kevin patiently wait - 2nd LAN Party
The Ultimate Computer Jock
Kevin and Anuj take a breather from endless fragging - 2nd LAN Party
Loading Up the Goods in my Car Trunk - 2nd LAN Party
Agoura High School Graduation
Blonde Me with an In & Out Double-Double
Me with Knife Store Mannequin
Kevin's Garage Turns into a Computer Gaming Center - 3rd LAN Party
The Boys Set Up Their Computers - 3rd LAN Party
Night Falls in Kevin's Garage as the Combatants Battle in Counter Strike - 3rd LAN Party
Ken, Kevin, and Derek Hard at Play in Counter Strike - 3rd LAN Party
The boys take a break in Kevin's garage after hours of hard fragging - 3rd LAN Party
Kevin's garage after dark during our 3rd LAN Party
Vas's Living Room - 4th LAN Party
Kevin and Vas set up while Will and other guy sit on their butts - 4th LAN Party
Kevin finishing the computer setup - 4th LAN Party
Party in Ken Roy's House - 5th LAN Party
Kevin, Ken, and Praying Mantis in Tupperware - 5th LAN Party