Boston and Cambridge (2002-2006)
Sailboats on the Charles River
People lying on the esplanade
Charles River and MIT Great Dome
Naked Sailboats in the Sunset
Man sitting on bench - Charles River Esplanade
Benches on the Charles River Esplanade
Biker on Esplanade Platform
Esplanade with Boston in the Background
Captain Morgan at the Boston Marathon
People on Boylston Watching Boston Marathon
Near the Boston Marathon Finish Line
1 Mile from Boston Marathon Finish Line
Boston Marathon Runners
Boston Marathon Runners (again)
Motion Commotion
Lying Around in Boston Common
Jesus-like guy in Boston common
Duck, Duck, Duck ...
Please Stay off the Grass!
Flowers and George Washington Monument
Flowers and George Washington Monument (vertical)
Quaint Boston neighborhood
Beacon Hill Real Estate
Beacon Hill Street
Chinatown Van Vendor
Ultra-Posh Newbury Street
Mouth Agape at the Boston Public Library
Skateboarders at Trinity Church
Old and New Juxtaposition
John Hancock Towering Over Copley Square
Science Pimps at Boston Public Library
Huge Preacher Duo
Ferrari on Boylston
Shopping and Dining at Armani
Gnomes! Gnomes!
Boat on the Charles River
Sunset over Cambridge
Snowy Sunset over Boston
Sunrise over Boston
Full moon sunset
Glowing beam of light
Nighttime on the Charles River
Cheering for the Red Sox
Snowy courtyard
Celtics game at the Fleet Center
Island Volleyball Action
Subway Musician
Anti-Bush protester
Hardcore Christian in Harvard Square
Escape Artist in Harvard Square
Really old cemetary
Man and Plane
Music at the Black Rose Pub
Beers Enjoying Live Pub Music