Summer 2006 - Boston Cow Parade
Boylston Street Cow
Flowery Boylston St. Cow
Bee Cow
Bee Cow (profile view)
Patchy Children's Cow
Boston Marathon Cow
Boston Marathon Cow (again)
Weird Cartoon Cow
Hole-y Cow!!!
Hole-y Cow in Copley Square
Two Cow Butts
Sleepy Cow
Sleepy Cow Head
Polka-Dotted Cow
Informational Cow
Informational Cow (other side)
Cows on Cow
Lighthouse and Seaside Cow
Artsy (Impressionistic?) Cow
Paris Cow (the city, not Hilton)
Four Cow Butts in Copley Square
Camouflaged Cow
Cityscape Cow
Patchy Painter Cow
Nice Butt
Bling Bling Bull
Solitary Gold Bull
Super Rich Cow in front of Ritz-Carlton
Super Rich Cow and Ritz-Carlton (2)
John Hancow (silver plated)
John Hancow in front of Pottery Barn
Cow Hiding Behind Street Art
Cow hanging out behind Boston paintings
Another cow hiding behind paintings
Caliente Spicy Cow
A Trio of Cattle on Newbury St.
Boston Cityscape Cow
Flowery Cow (with fancy shoes)
Cow and Bull Pair
Cows along Newbury Street
Butterfly Cow
Trippy Fenced-in Cow
Two Cows in MIT Tech Square
Close-up of Scientific Cow
Scientific Cow and Buddy
Cow in MIT Kendall Marriott Hotel