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Making Programming Accessible for All (MIT alumni profile)

The MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) wrote up a profile of me for their annual alumni newsletter (I graduated over a decade ago!). I think it does a great job summarizing some of my research from the past five years since I began my post-Ph.D. career in 2012.

Here is a PDF of the two-page article, entitled Making Programming Accessible for All.

As a preview, this is the pull quote from the article:

The theme of Guo's research is developing scalable ways to help people learn computer programming and data science. The centerpiece of this work is Python Tutor, a tool that allows people to write code in a browser and see automatically generated diagrams that illustrate what their code does. The tool has its roots in the software Guo developed for his MEng thesis at MIT.

Here are all of the recent issues of the alumni newsletter.

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Created: 2017-07-08
Last modified: 2017-07-08
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