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Greg FAQ

This is a semi-authorized FAQ of Greg L. (his full name has been omitted to prevent Google stalkers from finding this page). This is basically a transcript of an IM conversation we had in April 2007. As he correctly pointed out, this should really be an AQ, 'cause a lot of these questions weren't actually asked frequently.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at MIT, focusing on User Interface research.

When do you usually go to bed?

4 or 5am. Mainly because I've been exercising lately.


Doing aerobics to music (which is embarrasing), so I do it at 4am.

Don't you disturb your neighbors then?

No, I don't do it in my room. I go down to the dance room in the basement ... which is why I want to make sure other people aren't going to pop in ;)

Did you just wink at me?


How do you play the music in the basement?

Their boombox has a cable that plugs into my laptop :)

So you have aerobics music on your laptop?

No, I subscribe to a service where I can stream it over the Internet.

Topic change. Does P = NP?

lol, I think P does not equal NP

Which text editor do you prefer?

Scintilla Text Editor (aka Scite)

emacs or vi?

I don't know either emacs or vi

Richard Stallman or Bill Joy?

I don't know who bill joy is.. I've been in an elevator with richard stallman, but I didn't think to ask him anything

Bram Moolenaar or Bram Stroker?

I don't know either Bram. Incidentally, I know very few famous people.

Moolenaar wrote the vim text editor, Stroker wrote Dracula.

Dracula? The story? Or is there a text editor called Dracula?

If you could name your firstborn perl, python, ruby, or lua, which would it be?

If it's a girl, lua... (lua is the best language ever, so far)

If it's a boy, lua... (same reason)

Isn't that kind of a girly name?

Um.. I think it's not so girly that a guy couldn't make people associated it with manlyness if he was manly enough. Not that I would expect my son to do that... but he could.

Because he has free will?

lol, have we talked about free will?

Yes, that's probably too long for an FAQ.

hehe, well, you may include that I don't believe free will exists

Can I also make up stuff about you?

lol, sure

Were you the inspiration for the 90's TV show Dharma and Greg?

yes, how did you know?

Why did you walk in on me while I was using that porta-potty last year?

'cause I really had to go, and none of the other ones were free.

Why did you eat that kayaker? You know that's a crime in some states.

I was hungry.

Created: 2007-04-28
Last modified: 2007-05-14