Philip Guo (Phil Guo, Philip J. Guo, Philip Jia Guo, pgbovine)

2006-2012 Photo Galleries

My Graduate School Years
I took these photos during my years as a Ph.D. student at Stanford (2006 - 2012). During these years, I completely switched over to using compact point-and-shoot digital cameras because I prefer their low cost and tiny size.

San Francisco Bay Area photos [Low Bandwidth]

These are various photos from the San Francisco Bay Area, including the city itself, the Pacific Ocean coastline, the East Bay, and Silicon Valley.

Spring 2009 Hawaii Trip [Low Bandwidth]

In April 2009, my parents and I took a 5-day trip to Hawaii, where we visited three islands: Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. I took these photos with my Canon SD870IS compact digital camera. The last time I visited Hawaii was almost 11 years ago, back before digital cameras were in wide use!