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Basic CDE usage

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CDE user manual

CDE is an open-source tool that automatically packages up the Code, Data, and Environment required to deploy and run your Linux programs on other machines without any installation or configuration.



CDE should work on any modern x86-Linux machine. Download a pre-compiled binary (32-bit or 64-bit), rename it to cde, and make it executable [last released on 2011-08-15].

Or fetch the latest source code from GitHub and compile it yourself:

git clone git://
cd CDE

Quick start

Let’s use CDE to create a self-contained portable package for Xclock. First, download or compile the cde binary, make it executable, and then run:

./cde xclock

You should see the Xclock window pop up:


When you close the window and do an ls, you’ll see that CDE has created a sub-directory called cde-package/. Now take a look inside of there:

find cde-package/ | less

You’ll see that the CDE package (cde-package/ sub-directory) contains all of the dependencies required to execute Xclock, ranging from the xclock executable and fonts files all the way down to the standard C library and dynamic linker.

Now tar and gzip this package directory:

tar -cvf cde-xclock.tar cde-package/
gzip cde-xclock.tar

You can now transfer the cde-xclock.tar.gz file to any other x86-Linux distro created in the past 5 years. When the package arrives on the target machine, you can unzip it and then run Xclock by executing the special xclock.cde wrapper script within the package:

tar -zxvf cde-xclock.tar.gz

You should now see the Xclock window appear. Congrats, you’ve now successfully created a portable self-contained package for a Linux application and run it on another distro without any installation or configuration! (Of course, this is a silly toy example because all Linux distros contain Xclock, so there is no need to create a portable version of it.)

To learn more, read Basic CDE usage.


Please email me, Philip Guo, at if you have questions, feedback, bug reports, or feature requests.