Philip Guo (Phil Guo, Philip J. Guo, Philip Jia Guo, pgbovine)

2001-2006 Photo Galleries

My College Years
I took these photos during my years as an undergraduate and master's student at MIT (2001 - 2006). Some of the older photos were taken with a film SLR camera, but most are candid shots taken with a compact point-and-shoot digital camera.

Thanksgiving 2001 - New York City [Low Bandwidth]

I spent my first Thanksgiving in college with my friend in New York City. During those few days, I had an opportunity to take lots of pictures throughout the city, including the horrifying sights of Ground Zero in downtown where the World Trade Center buildings used to stand. I used my old Vivitar v 3300 SE manual camera since my Canon A2E broke. I loved using the manual camera again, going back to my roots I guess.

MIT Fall Semester 2001 [Low Bandwidth]

I took these pictures during the first semester of my freshman year at MIT. I didn't have much time for photography during the school year, but I still managed to squeeze off a couple of shots. Once again, these were taken with my old all-manual Vivitar v 3300 SE. All subsequent photos have been taken with digital cameras.

Boston and Cambridge (2002-2006) [Low Bandwidth]

These are digital photos from Boston and Cambridge taken during my college years at MIT, showcasing my favorite parts of these cities (excluding the MIT campus itself, of course).

New England [Low Bandwidth]

A small collection of photos taken around New England during my college years at MIT. I didn't get to travel outside of the city much, unfortunately.

Southern California Photos [Low Bandwidth]

These are photos from around my home area in Southern California, taken with various digital cameras when I came home during breaks from school. It features subjects ranging from nature scenes to Hollywood celebrities.

Winter 2002-2003 China Trip [Low Bandwidth]

This is the third trip to China that I have documented with photographs. My Summer 1998 gallery showcases my first pictures of China through my SLR camera - it consists mainly of touristy-type shots. My Summer 2000 gallery contains more reflective and emotional shots of local villagers in central China. This gallery contains a random assortment of pictures from the usual tourist postcard shots to things I usually don't include in my previous photo galleries.

Winter 2005 San Diego Trip [Low Bandwidth]

I took a short trip to San Diego with my family in Dec. 2005 and took a few fun pictures, mostly at the zoo. There were lots of funny-looking animals at the zoo ... good times, good times.