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PG Vlog #35 - Congrats to Margo Seltzer on her CRA-E Student Mentoring Award

Professor Margo Seltzer, one of my mentors in grad school, recently won a CRA-E Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentoring Award. In July, she was celebrating that award with her former students in the Bay Area at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference. I wanted to fly up there last-minute to surprise her but unfortunately couldn't make it. So instead, I recorded a thank-you video for her since I couldn't be there to thank her in person. I've posted the video here with her permission:

Many of these stories were covered in Year Four and Year Six of The Grind.

(I recorded this video on 2017-07-12 but didn't end up posting it until 2017-08-03.)

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Created: 2017-08-03
Last modified: 2017-08-03
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